Title Just Wondering if there a social Network
Written By DocDoobie (71.♡.14.65)
Date 20-04-26 20:22


Hello Pilots,
First, love the game. But I don't know who I am fighting. I know your planes, or at least  the custom jobs, but no psn name, no smack talk, no new friends...I find this strange, or am I just not seeing it. See you in game, just look at your six, you will see me. I am DjDocDoobie on psn , hit me up, show me your plane, I am working on mine.


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Tye___\'s Comment

Tye IP 24.♡.97.54 Date

Hey man, alot of us are on twitter, we have started to get a little community rolling! My PSN is TyeMaxwell905-YT

DocDoobie___\'s Comment

DocDoobie sub-comment IP 71.♡.14.65 Date

Thanks Tye, I really never had a reason to twit before, so I guess I do now. Thanks for the response, maybe the dev group has something in the works. I cant think of too many games that you dont see others players ID

Tye___\'s Comment

Tye IP 24.♡.97.54 Date

Actually, if u hit someone with a bullet, it shows their PSN ID and the model pf ppane they are flying in the lower left hand side above your stats! Also when you shoot someone down, it shows in the kill feed for a second assuming u dont pick up the items right away. But you are right, a "johndoe" shot you down screen (or something similar) would be nice when u die aswell.

Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

Hey DocDoobie, as Tye said there's a few of us on Twitter that talk about the game a lot, and a few of us streaming. I'm sure you've run across me once or twice by now, I'm MrDominoX as the name implies.  I'm pretty sure I've seen your plane in the sky a few times in fact.  You can check me out on and  (a direct link to what my plane looks like is here A follow is super appreciated as I try to grow my channel, but just dropping a hello is great too!

Look forward to seeing you in the sky more!

DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date

Follow us as well :)