Title Where are Duos and Trios?
Written By TboneDubbs (73.♡.203.67)
Date 20-05-03 01:40


Info for the game is sparce, but all media mentions both

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Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

What media are you referring to? I'm sure more than solo mode is coming soon but I haven't personally found anything mentioning other modes yet. I just base my assumption off the fact the mode is currently called "Solo".

TyeMaxwell905___\'s Comment

TyeMaxwell905 IP 24.♡.97.54 Date

Hey man! I was wondering the same thing also a while back. The game had a giant re-vamp and re released in march in NA. New map, new HUD, i think they are just taking things slower this time around from what I've gathered. So hopefully we get team modes soon!

DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date

It's still on the way but we can't tell you when exactly but when it's ready, we will let you know :)

Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X sub-comment IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

The hype is real! ^_^