Title Something I would love to see
Written By Aminalanche (172.♡.38.207)
Date 20-03-20 17:10


Hey, so I am having tons of fun in the game and doing well for myself, pushing a 60% win rate atm. Killer job so far.

One thing I would love to have implemented is the option to fly in a "free" setting. Not the tutorial, and not in a game.

I am currently using the intermediate control system, and would love the ability to practice the 'hard' system. At the moment you either jump into a game and wing it, or you put up with going through the tutorial stuff until the end phase where you can free fly, but once you shoot the planes down it's over. I would love to be able to continuously practice both the advanced controls and shooting at the same time: it's not easy to shoot peope down who are on advanced and can aim without lock, and that's where I need to practice!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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TyeMaxwell905-YT___\'s Comment

TyeMaxwell905-Y… IP 24.♡.97.54 Date

I think this is a cool idea, maybe for target practice aswell

DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date


First, I want to say thank you!

I will definitely let the team know and see what we can do!

Thank you for the suggestion and everyone's opinion matters to us.


Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

I agree, but mainly because the tutorial zone has a baby bumper on it for min and Max altitude and it made it almost impossible to practice expert controls. I inevitably went into a live match and just learned the hard way while trying to stay out of fights and collecting as much fuel as I could to give me time to practice.