Title These new items ruin it for me.
Written By Mr Domino X (100.♡.93.28)
Date 20-03-21 11:33


I've been loving this game but these new items ruin it for me. A good dogfight is now often. Interrupted by super annoying flash bangs or the other silly things. I didn't know this was going to turn into Mario kart ...

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Korosenseioppa___\'s Comment

Korosenseioppa IP 71.♡.1.198 Date

I barely see people using them plus it adds a new dynamic to the game per say a new threat to worry about. It’s still a game and super fun we shall see the direction they head towards.

Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

I've seen them used quite a bit and started using them out of necessity to make sure I keep up with the learning curve. I think they ruin the core aspect of the game, the dogfighting. A well used flash bang or emp can end a a fight (especially emp) by leaving your opponent a sitting duck. Whether they fly into a mountain, the ocean out of zone into the burn or just a straight line waiting for death. It's a bit of an I win button. I don't like the abilities taking away front the skill of a good dogfight.

DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date

Hi Mr. Domino X,

Thank you for your opinion! We have been monitoring everyone's opinion and gameplay to see what we can do to make the game better and ultimately, make the community satisfied!

We will try a couple more things to make sure the game is balanced and entertaining to play. Since there aren't many Sky Battle Royale games out there, we will continue to update the game :)

Thank you for playing the game! Have a good one!

Aminalanche___\'s Comment

Aminalanche IP 67.♡.236.106 Date

Honestly I enjoy them. They are all 'situational' enough that they require good knowledge and mechanics to utilize properly, as well as having a large skill ceiling. The emp is definitely the most deadly, but also requires the most skill to utilize and properly take advantage of. (And for me it's necessary to answer those people who refuse to 1v1 and try to Outlast with toop speed ) and  I love the mines and flashbang to handle those situations where you're doing the circle dance in close proximity but noone can get a good shot.