Title AI planes getting locked on to you from across the map
Written By Aminalanche (67.♡.236.106)
Date 20-03-27 06:10


So I've had this situation happen a few times, both to me, and watching it happen in front of me.

There are these very obviously AI airplanes that can get locked into a Target and shoot at a very low rpm yet hit accurately no matter the distance. I have had it happen to me multiple times ( and just happened to me again to prompt me to write this.) Some random airplane will get locked onto me, and stay locked on until I shoot it down. This last match I outrannit so far, I watched the icon disappear from the main map about 1 map grid away. Yet they were still able to single-shot snipe from that far away. Did not miss a single shot. There was nothing even remotely close to me.
It is incredibly frustrating. I hope it can be remedied soon.

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Korosenseioppa___\'s Comment

Korosenseioppa IP 71.♡.1.198 Date

That’s pretty crazy do you have video of it? If so please submit that to dogfighter so they can take a look!

TyeMaxwell905___\'s Comment

TyeMaxwell905 IP 24.♡.97.54 Date

Aminalanche. That's probably me, I have an insane habbit of locking onto everyone regardless of how many shots i miss. I may have 10 rpm.....

DOGFIGHTER___\'s Comment

DOGFIGHTER IP 121.♡.185.67 Date


I am sorry that it happened.

Could you email us the video next time it happens? is the email address.

Thank you.