Title Endgame needs severe help.
Written By aminalanche (67.♡.236.106)
Date 20-04-02 09:11


I am pretty much  done with the game in it's current state. I just can't take it anymore. The game is great and flows smoothly until it's down to 1v1. I am so absolutely sick of spending 20+ minutes trying to chase down a 1k mph plane that literally isn't even making an attempt at combat. Not kidding. 20+ minutes and not a single shot fired. And yet there isn't shit I can do because the circle is static. It needs to move and get progressively smaller. Something needs to be done. Because this is just breaking my desire to play. I don't understand how it's fun for people to fly in circles for 20 minutes and say 'oh I won' there needs to be something in place to prevent this. If people aren't even going to make an attempt at combat in a combat focused game when it's down to 1v1 I don't even know why they play. It's absurd.

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Mr Domino X___\'s Comment

Mr Domino X IP 100.♡.93.28 Date

I've not seen this yet, but it's probably people trying to chase that one achievement to stay alive in a game for 60 minutes (which shouldn't be an achievement imo).

At the end I think the circle does get pretty small, it could probably get a bit smaller but at a certain point it'd be too in favor of planes with the best brakes and cornering. Also unlike land based battle royal shooters if the circle gets too small it'd be impossible to have a dogfight without it being a game of who can fly tighter circles without getting eaten alive by out of zone.

That said, I do agree the zone behavior could use some kind of improvement to make the match progression smoother.

Korosenseioppa___\'s Comment

Korosenseioppa IP 71.♡.1.198 Date

I have seen this a lot and I understand the frustration. But even though they try and nascar around the circle take the opportunity to practice your aim since they are not willing to fight back. Sadly there are players like this but that’s just another aspect of the game. I fly on intermediate and refuse to use chase camera as it doesn’t truly lead targets that well.